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Solar Storms Could Mean Trouble For Power Grids and Communications Systems

As with most things in life, the Sun runs in cycles. Sun activity has been dormant for about 11 years, but it is getting ready to go through a period of increased disturbances that could  last several years and cause problems to Power Grids, Satellites and Communication Systems.

See more info here:

These solar storms, spewing debris and solar flares can cause a lot of problems here on Earth, affecting power systems and yes, blowing fuses. When this happens, The Fuse Company will be here with fuses you need - when you need them. Give us a call: 800-909-FUSE (3873)

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Word Origins - Advice

Word: Advice

The word Advice has both French and Latin origins. The French saying ce m'est à vis or "it seems to me" evolved into avis. The Latin saying of mi est visum or "in my view" evolved into videre. A combination of the two - advice - was introduced into the English language in the 15th Century. Advice is great. You can ask anyone -- a relative, a friend, a complete stranger -- and usually they will have some on hand to give to you.

"Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn."

Problem is: Not all of the advice out there is actually useful. At The Fuse Company, we specialize in useful advice on fuses and fuse technology. So, whether you're a homeowner looking for an SC15 fuse to get your hot tub running, an HVAC technican looking for an RK5 to get a compressor up and running or just someone who does not know what you looking for, but know you need a fuse, The Fuse Company has the advice and expertise to get you the right fuse when you need it. Give us a call 800-909-FUSE (3873)

Word Origin History from:

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Solar Is Hot!!

The idea of Solar Power is hot, and The Fuse Company has the fuses you need to keep these systems up and running.

The fuses associated with Solar applications generally require a higher DC voltage rated fuse than traditional power and energy systems. The Fuse Company has Solar PV Fuses, DCT, SPF, DCM, KLKD, ATM, KWNR, KWSR, KLNR, KLSR, A2K(amp)R, and A6K(amp)R fuses. These fuses are suitable for the wide variety of Solar Applications being introduced today, including sensitive Photvoltaic systems.

If you need help figuring out which fuse you need for your Solar Energy System, contact us at We're here to help!

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April Showers Bring May Flowers and Thunderstorms

Along with those beautiful May flowers, April also brings the start of Thunderstorm season. While thunderstorms can occur any time of the year, summertime is generally considered Thunderstorm Season.

                                            Photo Taken By my son, Boyd

The Fuse Company wants to remind you that when storms strike and wreak havoc on your systems, we will be here for you with replacement fuses, holders, blocks and supplies. Call us for a piece of stability when an unstable environment takes your systems down. From small glass fuses to HVAC System Fuses and higher voltage solar fuses, including KWSR's, The Fuse Company can help.

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The Fuse Company Congratulates

The Fuse Company congratulates Nascar and Kyle Busch on winning the Crown Royal 400 in Richmond last weekend. The Fuse Company also wants to congratulate, Jim Savage of Watson Electric and Tim Hunter of Trane for winning our Race Ticket Raffle. Hope you enjoyed the race.

(Picture off of Kyle Bush's website)

The Fuse Company also wants you to remember that when the yellow flag drops on your power supply and zaps your fuse, we can help! Give us a call 800-909-3873 or visit us at

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When The Fuse Blows, Call The Fuse Company! 1-800-909-3873

When your fuse blows, The Fuse Company is standing at attention to help your cause!

[Cannon is a full scale 1857 Napoleon replica made by Steen Cannons]

At The Fuse Company, we are ready to be your first defense in a power outage.
Call us to help! We supply fuses nationally.

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Coming soon!


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